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Long Haircuts is the very foundation of hairdressing. It is an art, that requires perfection. A large variety of hair cutting styles are popular, each requires special tools and special techniques.

Objectives Of Haircut

  • Differentiate between the different cutting techniques.
  • Acquire skills were necessary to use the tools for hair cutting.
  • Correlate various techniques of cutting and its effect.
  • Understand the use of various hair care products available in the market

Types of Long Haircuts

Layered locks

Layered locks

The layered cut is unarguably the most beautiful haircut for long hair. You can play with the look and texture and still get to keep your length. It has been the go-to look for many celebs as it comes with a lot of perks too. It adds volume and texture to your hair and makes your long locks far from boring when you style it.

A messy bohemian braid or a bun or even ponytail is easier to pull off and style in layered long hair. You can go for step layers starting from the first chop on front hair till shoulders going all the way till your back. Plus, this haircut suits every hair type and face shape.

Big on bangs

Big on bangs

If you can’t seem to chop your locks even an inch, but still want to transform your hair, we suggest you go for the fab fringes to team with your long hair (of the same length, of course).

Long hair and bangs are a winning duo and an excellent way to change your look, believe us. Bangs are so versatile that they can turn any boring hairstyle into a pretty one.

Do we really don’t need to tell how adorable your updos, braids, and half up half down hair look with a fringe cut? We don’t think so! Take your pick from the wispy, curtain, parted, or baby bangs and add it little edge to your hairdos.

Subtle layers

Subtle layers

Multiple layers in the bottom end of the hair is a sly way to get on board with the layered haircut without making it obvious. Just ask for a chop on the lower 5-6 inches of your hair in layers till the end.

Styling this type of hair is a piece of cake because it doesn’t leave your hair with a dramatic texture or a length crop. We suggest you go for highlights hair in lighter shade or ombre hair color with this haircut to make it look more flattering and oh so gorgeous!

Straight cut

Straight cut

It was just a couple of months ago when glass hair—which is glossy hair with a sharp end—created a buzz and everyone wanted that look. Though it is usually sported with a bob cut, don’t let anyone tell you it is only for the short-haired people.

This haircut with blunt ends looks equally chic on long locks as it does on shoulder-length hair. Whether you have wavy or poker-straight hair, it flatters all. And, you really don’t have to chop off much of your hair, just an inch or two to get the sharp cut. This haircut looks best on half-up top knot or hair let loose.   

Tapered ends

Tapered ends

The thick layer at the top, narrowing down to finer layers at the bottom is another great haircut for long hair, especially if it is flat. It suits best on the girls with an oval or oblong face as it adds width to your look that your face lacks.

A dense volume around your face and length at the back gives you the best of both worlds. Talking about styling this hair, any type of braids like a fishtail or a French braid would look stunning. 

Ponytail looks longer in this haircut and you can always keep your hair loose to show off your thick and long hair.

U cut

U cut

If you are not big on OTT hair transformation, here is a hair inspiration for a subtle change. Instead of adding layers to your entire mane, give it a defined frame in the form of a U shaped cut.

It lends an angled structure to your strands on the sides which makes your hair look long and swoopy. The classic U cut is an understated and no-risk haircut for long hair that adds some dimension and volume in your hair.

While it can look a little bland on straight hair, it really flatters a curly hair type. For a glamorous look, a U cut hair can be styled in a sleek updo or a low ponytail and for a casual look, a jazzy half up half down hairdo would best suit this cut.  

Choppy layers

Choppy layers

A form of layered haircut, choppy layer cut includes a lot of layers and leaves your hair with a shaggy and bouncy look. For girls with fine, long hair, this haircut is the best bet.

Choppy layers make your hair look fuller and voluminous and add some feathery texture to your flat hair. If you happen to have curly or wavy hair, this haircut will look all the more appealing as there already is texture in your tresses and this cut accentuate your waves.

If you have straight hair, the layers will look more defined in your mane. All in all, it is a winner haircut for long hair. You can style this haircut with any hairstyle that you weren’t able to rock till now because of your thin hair such as a messy braid or a fuller ponytail.

Front cut

Front cut

The face-framing front cut is a chic haircut with parted flicks on the front and long hair at the back. It has a chin grazing layer cut on the front which is perfect for girls with round or square-shaped face or broad forehead.

Be it a casual hairstyle or an elegant one, it works like a charm and can cutesy up any hairstyle you can think of. A long braid with side-swept front flicks, a sky-high ponytail or low one, and even a summery hairstyle with hairband or scarf; everything looks appealing with this haircut.

Needless to say, it is a sneaky way to change your look without giving your hair prized hair length away.

The technique of Hair Cutting

Haircutting is the very foundation of ladies’ hairdressing. A well-cut head
of hair will style more easily, retain its line and shape, and be admired by clients.

Preparation of Client and Tray

1. Before cutting, brush the hair properly.

2. Place the cutting sheet around the neck properly.

3. Section the hair and secure them with setting clips.

4. Decide before giving a hair cut, whether to give a dry or wet hair cut. Remember wet hair after cutting fall together on the floor but dry hair spread here and there and also on hairdresser and if a child is getting a hair cut, hair falls on her face which looks bad.

5. Keep the tools and implements in sequence to be used

Hair Cutting Tools

The hairdresser should also have at least three combs always in perfect condition (no broken teeth). One should be narrow half-ranked type, the second a similar but very fine or thin comb for cutting hair very short in the neck, and the third a dressing comb, wide enough for combing, placing, setting, and for general use.

One should have a razor or hair shaper. Finally, a soft clean neck brush should be readily available, to dust off cut hair ends.

Holding the Scissors and Comb

The operator should hold the scissors, preferably in the right hand with the points directly to the left, insert the thumb in the lower handle, and the third finger in the upper one.

The thumb pushes forward the lower handle by pressing against its upper rim, while the third finger pulls on the back of the lower rim of the upper handle. The first and second fingers curl around the back of the scissors, crablike, holding the scissors firmly.

Holding the scissors this way requires some practical instruction and continual practice. Opening and closing them many times using a somewhat pulling or biting away movement, rather than biting forward. This is almost an imaginary movement.

The Cutting-up Process

The student should take a conveniently narrow cutting comb, in the opposite hand, preferably the left hand. She holds it between the thumb and the first finger, with the first finger running straight along the upper top part of the comb, the other fingers at the back and under the comb. In this position it should be possible to comb the hair downward.

This holding and handling of the comb requires plenty of practice, especially to turn the comb without turning the wrist. The student should
continue combing down and turning the comb over with the teeth outwards and c-oming away from the head.

The student can practise this action by sitting with the legs crossed using the thigh to represent the head, and combing down, towards himself, turning the comb, and running up, or away,cutting as she goes.

Occasionally he should knock the scissors and the comb together, to remove any loose hair. This movement is very professional and will give confidence.

Lifting and Cutting process

Generally speaking, this is the technique used for cutting hair short, but it must be used in conjuction with the other techniques: tapering, clubbing, leveling-out, and lining-out.

The operator starts close or tightly into the neck at the bottom or edge, if a close cut is desired, runs up briskly bringing the comb gradually away from the neck or back of the head.


With the scissors held in the cutting position already described, with the thumb and the third finger inserted in their respective handles, the hand is turned so that the palm comes upwards, and the thumb is removed from its handle hole. Now with the scissors at rest layi ng across the fingers and the hand, the comb can be held comfortably in the hand.

He turns the hand round with palm towards the body, holding the scissors very loosely, and half open, and waves the hand backwards and forwards from the wrist.

He attacks the piece of hair, held upwards and taut in the left hand, by a gentle swinging or waving of the hand, and holding the scissors half-open, brings the partly open blades under the strip of held hair.

The half-open scissors slithering up and down this piece of hair, actually thin in the downward stroke.

Pushing back, or back-combing the section before tapering, will give a still further varied result. This method of cutting the longer hair by tapering produces a finished result that will hug the shape of the head.

A haircut carried out in this manner will keep and hold its shape for many weeks.

Point Tapering

In this technique, only the very points of the scissors are used with the scissors only slightly open. Point tapering is carried out close, sharp, short, tapering or cutting away from the root, and on the upward stroke or the stroke coming away from the head, without the wrist swinging movement.

Long Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women

Straight, sharply-angled strands, supple, touchable curls, and soft beach waves are most feminine and beautiful when they are long. This inspirational gallery makes us lock our scissors up and start growing our tresses, but if your hair is already long, you are the lucky one, because these hairstyles and hair colors do beg to be stolen!

Long Ash Blonde Hair

Yes, the pixie cut is a popular option for ladies over 40, but it’s not the end-all solution for sexy hair. Keep those locks long and flowy as long as you can. This gorgeous cascade of layers catches the light so well thanks to the expertly done cut and shiny highlights.

Long Layered Haircut For Fine Hair


Gray Layered Hairstyle

Long haircuts for women can be edgy and anything but tame. Adopt a rocker chic vibe with piecey bangs and textured layers. An unexpected hair color (like gray with lavender root fade) can make your whole look feel fresh. Just be sure to pair the dull hue with vibrant makeup shades to enliven your appearance.

Gray Hairstyle With Lavender Root Fade


Voluminous Bubble Gum Waves

Oh hey, gorgeous! That color is yummy enough to eat. Mixing an unnatural color like bubblegum pink with something a bit more natural like strawberry blonde is a surefire way to pull off bright hair successfully. The effect is overwhelmingly sexy, instead of simply overwhelming.

Strawberry Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights


Cool-Toned Balayage

Women with long hair need to plan some extra time for hair care. There’s so much hair to brush, wash, and style. That’s where casual, tousled styling comes in. Creating messy, imperfect waves is so much faster than trying to achieve ideal curls on long length hair.

Long Brown Balayage Hair


Shiny Blonde with Root Fade

The best long hairstyles for women are fuss-free and easy to style. Featuring long side bangs and pretty layers, this look doesn’t require too much mirror time in the AM. Simply use a large-barrel round brush to blow dry the front hair curling it away from the face.

Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair


Long Vibrant Purple Dip Dye

Black hair is simply gorgeous, especially when it’s well-cared for and moisturized so the deep color can really shine. What’s more, the color is a great base for fun highlights, dip dyes, and peekaboos, especially in purple or red. So, take long dark hair up a notch with your favorite bright shade.

Black Hair With Purple Highlights


Layered Long Hairstyle with Highlights

This is such a fool-proof look. Long side bangs with flattering, face-framing highlights are a great addition to curly locks. The volume coupled with the blonde tones brings life and vibrancy to the hair and face. A great smile never hurts either!

Brown Curly Hair With Blonde Balayage


Glossy Chocolate Curls

Long haircuts for women should never result in heavy or weighted down locks, which is a common complaint about long hair. The right cut (paired with an excellent blow out) makes long hair feel incredibly light and bouncy. Get regular trims to keep ends crisp and neat.

Long Layered Hairstyle With Curled Ends


Flowy Locks and Long Side Bangs

Long hairstyles for women over 50 look beautiful in lighter shades. As we age, our skin loses its glow, so it’s important to go one or two shades lighter with your hair for a fresh and youthful overall look. This golden color does that and more.

Curly Long Blonde Hairstyle


Textured and Wavy Long Hairstyle

This textured, wavy look is what modern hair dreams are made of. If you’ve seen this covetable style everywhere but aren’t sure how to recreate it, the secret is a clipless curling iron. Twist hair around the iron away from the face, then finger comb the curls and add a texturizing cream.

Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle


Long Cinnamon Brown Layers

If you’re a fan of red hair color but want a more natural look, cinnamon is a great option. This unique color is far from over done, and it looks best on women with medium to dark brown hair. Long layers and multidimensional highlights elevate this style to sheer perfection.

Long Layered Haircut For Thick Hair


Gorgeous Balayage and Effortless Waves

Modern long hairstyles should give off the impression of effortless and fun hair. Of course, many hairstyles that look so do require a bit of time and practice. For this look, wrap hair around a clipless curling iron. Start at the midshaft on the hair in the back and start closer to the root for the hair in the front.

Subtle Ash Brown Balayage


Rocker Chic Layers

Paired with a rocker tank, this haircut definitely screams “I’m with the band.” The combination of soft face-framing layers with sharp razored ends is super cool and very unique. It’s a great haircut idea for thick straight hair, but it will help fine hair reveal its beauty too – just go with fewer layers.

Layered Haircut For Long Straight Hair


Frosted Blonde Long Hairstyle

The frosty near-platinum blonde diluted with brownish underlayer is a go-to for young girls, but as a solid hue or also mixed with a bit darker tone, it can work for older women. The good news in the modern hair world is there are no more age limits for choices of hair colors, haircuts and hair styles. Go for anything that feels right and forget the word “age-appropriate”.

Medium-To-Long Layered Hairstyle


Long Gilded Waves

Long haircuts for women are a perfect opportunity to let your stylist highlight your hair “by hand,” as they say. Free-form balayage and hair contouring help to bring out the individuality of your hair and your style in a natural, care-free way. So chic!

Long Honey Brown Hairstyle


Luscious Curly Dark Hair

For women who are blessed with long, thick hair, it’s essential to choose a cut that boosts the hair texture and helps create some weightless volume. This curly look is absolutely stunning! It can be recreated by blow drying with a diffuser (if your hair is naturally curly) or by curling individual strands and pinning them to set.

Curly Hairstyle For Long Hair


Vibrant Red Hairstyle with Bangs

Blunt cut bangs are a great addition to long hairstyles for black women because they add a fun and bold element. This vibrant color looks fantastic with a structured cut because it creates the overall futuristic feel.

Long Burgundy Hair With Blunt Cut Bangs


Bouncy Curls and Seductive Bangs

Little touches of caramel and soft brown are great additions to dark hair. Long layers can help to show off highlights, and the best way to accentuate both is with waves and curls. Start by blowing hair out and then use a medium barrel curling iron to add some soft flicks.

Curly Layered Brown Balayage Hair


Caramel Colored Layers

The long bob is here to stay. The length of this style is universally flattering and convenient to wear with your hair down. To keep it ultra-modern, ask your stylist for a multidimensional color. Soft caramel and honey blonde shades pair nicely with a light brown base.

Medium Caramel Brown Hairstyle With Bangs


Long Piecey Waves

It’s impossible to go wrong with this look. Caramel balayage highlights and long flowing locks? Yes, please! To recreate this style, blow dry hair to prepare a smooth, even base. Then run a texturizing product from midshaft to ends, and braid hair into one loose plait. Leave it in for three hours, et voila.

Brown Balayage Ombre For Long Hair


With long hairstyles like these, you’ll be inspired to grow your hair out. The key is to opt for a cut and color that breathes life into long hair and keeps it looking fresh and bouncy.

Men Long Haircuts And HairStyle

While long hair for men might not have the gigantic scope of haircuts that short hair has for fellows, long manes do in any case have a remarkable collection with regards to styling their locks. All things considered, long hair is about the opportunity and communicating your repressed monster! Since with this site we will probably help you get the most out of your long hair
(whether you have long hair as of now or plan to develop it out), I’d like to distribute this aide on long haircuts for men. There are so many haircuts for long men’s hair, so rest guaranteed that this aide will give all of you the complex information expected to change your long hair in the same number of hairdos as you so pick!

With long hair, you have different variables to check, for example, your hair care and your eating routine, however styling your long bolts is yet another component that you should get right. This the aide will focus and give you everything on long haircuts, along these lines, definitely, do keep on browsing late our Long Hair site to take in more about other long-mane elements like hair consideration and nourishment. Right away, here’s our manual for long haircuts.

Men Middle Part Haircuts and Hairstyle

The center part haircut is the exemplification of long men’s hairdos; this is on the grounds that long hair that has not been styled will tend to normally part itself at the center of the head to hang down. The center pat haircut is along these lines a “down” style Long Haircuts.

Separating your hair in the center is exceptionally straightforward and you can utilize either your fingers or a brush. With respect to items, styling cream or some styling mousse will carry out the employment pleasantly

Men Side part haircuts and hairstyle

The side pat haircut for long hair is precisely similar to the center part hairdo above, just that, with the side part, you get the chance to part (i.e. isolate) your hair at both of your two sanctuaries. It truly doesn’t make a difference which side you part your hair, albeit as indicated by prepping master Rogelio Samson, separating your hair on the right sanctuary implies in Spanish-talking nations that you’re gay.

Men Ponytail haircuts and hairstyle

The braid hairdo is the most celebrated kind of long haircut for men, predominantly in light of the fact that it’s the principal thing that a male developing his hair long anticipates at last having the capacity to do!

The pig tail style is both up-to-date and helpful since it permits you to keep your hair far from your face and secured back with the hair as yet hanging down from the back of your head. The “pig tail” haircut name originates from the hair in the braid looking like the tail hair of horse stallions.

A flexible hair band is all that is required for the pig tail hairdo, so it’s an extremely basic and simple haircut for since a long time ago haired men.

Long on Top + High Skin Fade

Long Hair On Top + High Fade

Haircut by Ruben Djirlauw

Long haircuts for guys don’t have to be messy or unkempt. With a high skin fade that concentrates all the length on the top of the head, this style is clean cut and easy to wear.

Long and High Pomp

Long Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

Haircut by Javi The Barber

The pomp is a huge trend and this pomp is literally huge. Achieving this gravity-defying height is a combination of blow-drying and product. Ask your barber to show you how to get the look at home. A very cool long hairstyle for men.

Textured Slick Back + Undercut

Long slicked back hairstyle undercut

Haircut by Terry’s Hairdressing

The slick look isn’t going anywhere but it is evolving. Instead of the neat and groomed styles, go for a combination of texture, tousle and volume. Like the usual slick back or combover, all you need is a good product and a comb.

Messy Combover for Long Hair

Long Hair Combover Hairstyle For Men

Haircut by Zainal

Taking the tousled slick style to the next level, this combover is all about matte texture. An updated James Dean hairstyle, this cool look will also work with jeans and a white tee.

Long Combover + Drop Fade

Long Hair Side Part Hairstyle For Men

Haircut by Sugarskulls

The contrast is what makes this cut and style. A drop fade reveals the skin in an arc around the ears. A fine surgical part marks the line between long and short. Combed to one side, all that thick long hair is well groomed with a flexible hold product. An awesome longer hairstyle for men to get.

Long Slick Back + Skin Fade + Full Beard

Long hair dry slicked back high fade

Haircut by Antonio Mateo

Long hair and beards do not have to be messy and some might argue look best groomed. This hot look from Italy does just that. Hair is slicked all the way back with a hint of curve. Check out the rear view of the cut here. The full beard is also kept neat.

Slicked Back Hair With Blow Dryer

Long Hair Slicked Back Classic Hairstyle For Men

Haircut by Tom Chapman

More guys should use a blow dryer than do. It’s the key to hair that dries fast as well as high volume hairstyles that have staying power. This fantastic mane is slicked back with height on top but kept tighter at the sides. A touch of product and comb give all day hold and defined lines all over.

High Volume Long Hair + Surgical Part + Burst Skin Fade

Hard part surgical line long messy hair on top

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

This cut and style is as advanced as the model’s pose. Hair at the sides is kept short and thick until an arced surgical part extending from the temple that mirrors the line of a burst fade down to the skin. On top, long hair is styled over to one side with as much height as possible.

Messy Push Over + Zero Fade

High fade long messy hair combover

 Haircut by Anthony Giannotti

The push over is a more casual version of the combover but very similar. For a more everyday cut and style, this excellent style simply works long hair over to one side with product to keep it in place. Sides are cut short with a skin fade around the ears.

The Man Braid

Man bun mens hairstyle for long hair

Haircut by NayQueenofFades

No, the man bun wasn’t enough. This unique long hairstyle for men takes it further with a Dutch braid that sits on top of hair along with the head that finishes in a small bun.

Long on Top + Short Sides and Back

Long natural wavy hairstyle for men

Haircut by London School of Barbering

This fresh style applies modern styling to a traditional men’s cut. The long on top, short sides, and back haircut is a classic that won’t go anywhere. On top, hair is swept in artful waves Long Haircuts.

Long Curly Hair + Side Part Style

Long curly hair hairstyle for men

Haircut by Emilio

Guys with all hair types look great with long hair. This cool cut is a combover hairstyle but with curly hair. The cut tapers hair short on the sides and uses a straight razor to cut out bulk and add texture. At this length, most guys will benefit from a curl cream for hold and control.

Flow Back + Taper Fade

Long hair brushed back

Haircut by Josh O’meara-Patel

Another of the many variations of slicked-back hair we’re seeing right now, this cool style adds some wave.  Sides are ultra-short with a taper fade. One of the most popular long hairstyles for men right now.

Leonardo DiCaprio 90s Hair

Mens hairstyle for long hair

Haircut by Scissor&Bone

We’ve been predicting the return of this hairstyle for a while. Hey, Long Haircuts sometimes these things take a while but the nineties are definitely making a comeback, first the fashion and now the hair. In out books, this is even better than Leo’s original style because hair is parted more to one side than right in the middle Long Haircuts.

Cool Messy Long Hair

Long messy textures short back

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

This tousled look starts with this edgy cut with a jagged finish. Even without the asymmetrical hair, this skater-inspired messy style is totally cool, especially with lighter hair over dark Long Haircuts.

Tousled Volume

Messy long hair mens hairstyle

Haircut by Morris Motley

One of the benefits of long hair is not just the range of hairstyle possibilities but the wild looks you can do. This artfully messy ‘do strikes the balance between coiffed and cool. Tone it down a bit for work and ruffle it up for play. Long Haircuts

Long Curly Hair + Low Skin Fade

Long curly fringe undercut hairstyle for men

Haircut by NayQueenofFades

This dope cut for curly combines the best of long and short. Curls are long and angled in the front for an easy to wear side part hairstyle. Hair is short but thick around the sides and back with a low skin fade to bring up the hairline. This is one of our favorite long hairstyles for men this year.

Long Top + Medium Sides + Wavy Texture

Long curly messy hairstyle for men

Haircut by Morris Motley

Another hairstyle with a nineties influence, this cool style channels Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands. It is more of a classic cut with medium hair around the sides and back and long hair on top. Long Haircuts The style is all about messy texture and defining waves. A totally wild-looking long hairstyle for men.

Long Hair + Undercut + Beard

Long hairstyles for men with an undercut

Haircut by Braid Barbers

Long hair with an undercut is a classic look for guys. This is essentially a wide mohawk but worn without product. Keep this badass yet groomed balance by conditioning hair and beard.

Really Long Hair + Undercut Sides

Very long hair undercut

Haircut by Terry’s Hairdressing

Long hair for men is typically considered rebellious while really long hair can be either hippy or metal. With a cool shaved undercut on both sides, there is no doubt about which one this style is Long Haircuts.

hey guys welcome back to my channel intoday’s video I’m going to be showing you how I get my layered haircut at homeI get a lot of questions about my haircut and I do cut it myself and Ilove it because there’s so many layers and best of all I get to keep my lengthso I get to keep my long hair if you’re new to my channel make sure yousubscribe for more videos like this one and I don’t go to the salon anymore Icut my own hair because I actually really love the way my hair comes outwhen I cut it and the salon just never got it right and if you’re interestedthen keep on watching now the first thing I want to do is straighten all myhair and as you can see right now my hair looks really ratchet and it needssome serious cutting so I’m using a hair straightener here that has like a brushattached to it and it makes it so much easier guys it’s just you can brush andstraighten your hair at the same time everything is just quicker and I willleave this linked down below for you guys if you’re interested next I’m goingto part my hair down the middle now I’m going to take from the middle of myscalp to down to my ears warm at your start and I’m going to separate the hairin the front now this is the hair that we’re going to be working on first andthe rest of the hair I’m just going to tie it in the back so that it’s out ofmy way and out of my face so these are the layers that are goingto be framing our face that’s why we’re going to work on it first and the firstthing I’m going to do is create a guide this is going to be the guide that we’regoing to be using to cut the rest of our hair so I’m going to separate a littlebit of hair from the top and take it all the way up and hold it tightly and thenwe’re going to start cutting now we’re going to cut in a straight line and Iknow that looks like a lot of hair that looks kind of scary but point cutupwards and I promise you it’s going to turn out so so pretty and we’re going tobe using this guide now to cut the rest of the hair so take a little bit of thatand then mix it in with one side of the hair and I’m going to take that side ofthe hair and bring it up and diagonal we’re not going to bring it all the wayup we’re going to make it like a little bit of a diagonal and I’m going to usemy comb so that everything is straight and you’re going to see the guidesticking out right there so we’re going to be cutting the hair according to theguide so cut where your guide is and point cutupwards I know that looks like a lot of hair but I promise it’s going to turnout really pretty and see as you can see right there you actually really do getto keep your length and your layers just come out really feathered and beautifuland blended and we’re going to do the same thing with the other side brush thehairs up and diagonal and you’re going to see your guide right there stickingout that’s where you’re going to cut and we’re going to cut off all of that deadhair and recreate our layers so point cut upwards the reason why we’re pointcutting is because it just helps the layers to blend more easily and itdoesn’t give you that choppy blood look so as you can see here everything justcame out really even and we’re going to start working on the rest of our hairI’m going to part it down the middle and bring it to the front and I’m going tobe working on one side at a time the side that I’m not working on I’m goingto tie it just to keep it out of my way and I’m going to work on this side nowI’m going to take a chunk of my hair and mix it in with the guide and then I’mgoing to brush that up and diagonal and we’re going to start cutting now we’regoing to cut this a little bit differently so do you see the guideright there we’re going to cut an inch lower than that guide because we’recreating our second layer so cut one inch lower than your guide and cut allthat dead hair off like that hair looks really dead and point cut upwardsremember to do that so your layers are nice and blended now we just created oursecond layer and you can see right there everything just blend it in reallynicely and then taking up some of the hair that I just cut I’m going to takethe rest of the hair and brush that up and make sure you brush the back up tojust so there’s no knots or chunks that are going to be unevennow the second guide that we created you can see that’s sticking out right therewe’re going to cut one inch lower than our second guide and point cut thatupwards and that’s going to be our last layer it’s going to be our third layerand we’re done with one side basically so now we’re going to do the same thingto the other side you want to grab a chunk of hair and then pull it up and tothe side and then you’re going to see the guide right there we’re going to cutone below at that Guy’d so point cut upwardsand inch below that one and that’s going to create our second layer on the otherside and then you can see the layers just there coming out really pretty andthen we’re going to take the rest of our hair brush it upwards and in a diagonalway and then we’re going to cut an inch away from our second layer so you’regoing to see the guide right there we’re going to see our second guide and ourfirst guide right there and I’m going to cut an inch away from the second one andI really love this haircut you guys because it just gives me so much volumeand it just it’s perfect it’s exactly the way that I want it andit just it’s right for me so as you can see there’s a lot of layers there’s alot of volume and everything comes out so even and blended and pretty and youcan stop right there or you can go on to blend your layers a little bit morewhich is what I like to do so I brush all my hair to the front and then anystraggly pieces that you see you can just cut those off just to make yourlayers even more even and blended so just cut off any pieces that look likethey don’t belong there and then here’s another option so you take one side ofyour hair you pull it all the way to the side and you want to make sure that itmakes like a diagonal shape and all of the pieces that stick out you can justcut those out and then I’m going to do the same thing to the other side I’mgoing to brush all of the hair up and in a diagonal way and then everything thatsticks out of like that diagonal shape you just want to chop those off and thisis just an optional step that I like to do just to make sure that my layers areall even and just you know they flow together really nicely and I love thishaircut because you can keep it straight you can keep it natural you can curl ityou can wave it you could do anything you want to it any style looks amazingon it and there’s so much volume and best part you get to keep your length sothe salon would always cut my length off and here I just get I just really am inlove with this haircut and I wanted to share with you guys an updated versionbecause all my other versions um the lighting is not that goodso I hope you guys enjoyed this thank you guys so much for watching subscribeto my channel for more videos like this one I do upload every single week and Ihave so many exciting videos coming up for you guys and thank you guys so muchfor watching I will talk to you guys in my next video bye